Colorado’s military service members are reacting to a new mandate by the U.S. military that they get a COVID-19 vaccine. The Pentagon said Monday that it will require members of the nation’s. Chief of the defence staff Gen. Wayne Eyre ordered all Armed Forces members to be vaccinated by the end of November; those who do not will face remedial measures, including the prospect of. A federal court in Ohio has now blocked the US Air Force from enforcing the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for two weeks.. The temporary restraining order means the military cannot punish airmen and Space Force guardians whose application for a religious exemption to one of the federally endorsed vaccines was denied or is still being processed. The High Court has quashed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for police and Defence Force staff. The order required Defence Force personnel, and police constables, recruits and authorised officers to have two doses of the vaccine by 1 March, or face termination. Photo: Getty Picture Alliance.

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